Welcome to the word of CTZN.


Welcome to CTZN, where artistry meets algorithm.

Our Story

Our wines meld AI precision with traditional winemaking passion, delivering unique blends designed for the modern palate.

Discover wines that promise more than just taste – each bottle invites you into a new era of flavour and innovation.

The wines

Tasting Notes: Bold with notes of dark berries, plum, hints of vanilla, with a slight spiciness that lingers.

Tasting Notes: Bright aromas of red cherries, strawberries and subtle hints of spice & earth. Juicy & vibrant. Light Bodies with soft, supple tannins.

Compare The Blends

Dive into the profiles of each CTZN blend to discover the precision and passion encoded in every bottle.

Red Blend 01

Quantum quintessence

Red Blend 02

ethereal pulse

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